Welcome to My Book.
Entitled: Parables of LIFE!
An Awakening Journey.

The Year 2004 was a year of rapid growth for me and among many other things that are a beautiful part of my journey was the book "The Parables of Life" An Awakening Journey.

It all started in January 2004. I had been writing a couple of articles about my Shambhala experiences for magazines and they were being received enthusiastically by their readers. It also created a stream of enquiries from people wanting to receive the Shambhala Attunements.

One particular day in March 2004 I sat down at my computer and was being gently nudged to start writing. What flowed from that session was "The 7 steps of manifesting your hearts desires". After writing what I considered to be the outlines I sat back and read it. As I absorbed what was written I felt compelled to try it out. This was the beginning of a journey that has placed me in a lightning fast stream of absolutely wonderful synchronicities. From that moment on I knew I was about to embark on a wonderful journey of changes and new experiences.

As I finished writing and continued working with the 7 steps I found that there were many more articles popping into my mind. All of which I am already using and the results are/were absolutely mind blowing. During all of these wonderful experiences I happened to jokingly state the question to my OPOM's. "It's almost as if this is turning into a book?" To which they replied! "Isn't that what you want Ian?" I had to take a few deep breaths and think about that one, haha! I hadn't really considered it within the realms of my own possibilities, yet all of the information that came through is clearly serving a grand purpose. I then jokingly asked. OK! When is this going to be published? To which they replied. "The end of summer" I was shocked, amazed, astounded all rolled into one. I do know from friends that it takes a while to even get it to the publisher and then printed etc. It wasn't until a few days later that I realized I had not asked which summer, to which I could feel them releasing a resounding chuckle. And so! Now it is here.
I sincerely hope you get as much out of it as I did writing it and living the experiences.

I feel that there is a trinity of purposes to the book. The first two being guidelines and examples that will assist the reader to understand who they are and the talents we all have waiting to be stimulated into action. The third is something that is very close to my heart and what I have always striven to achieve which is to unconditionally assist and promote all others that are making a difference through their work. You will find many links, books and websites being shared within the book leading to many great examples that are making a huge difference in our spiritual evolution.

We have also completed a CD with 7 powerful meditations/rituals/activations.  

We have also received several powerful symbols that have now been made into jewelry.      

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