Soul Contracts.

Before we begin this article it is important to agree on one simple fact.
We are Spiritual beings here on Earth having a human experience….
It is thought by many that it is the other way around. Rest assured, it is not!!!!

 During the seminars and conversations or guidance we have been asked to provide on this subject, we have watched the many reactions to the facts we are about to share with you, it is for this reason we state in advance that these are our irrefutable perceptions, they are a part of our inner knowing. This does not mean that you have to accept them as total holy truth. Please do use your own discernment as to what you take out of this and what you do not.

  Before we ever even enter into any particular life cycle on this planet there is a process beforehand that will more or less guide you through your entire life. We love to describe it in a fun way and if you are ever at one of our seminars on the subject of soul groups, soul family, soul mates and twin flames, we hope you enjoy the description as much as we do.

 For now, we will stick to the facts as we know them to be. One would need to imagine a whole group of souls planning and preparing. Some of which will have experienced many incarnations together. It is a beautiful, meticulously and intricately planned event, each and every time a soul desires to re-incarnate. For instance, those that you might term to be soul mates will be some of the closest in the planning process. To be a part of or witness to one of those experiences while here on this earth plane is truly mind-blowing. There are intricate plans made and within those plans there are back up plans created, several in fact. “Why”? Certainly one of the reasons for this is the times we are now living in. So many are becoming very aware of our true potentials here on earth and we are continually manifesting and
co-creating new experiences. Within those new experiences the original plans are continually being adapted and changed. Our choices within every moment, our every thought and words shared are creating new realities all the time.

  One of the most prominent statements/questions being made after sharing much of this kind of information is: “If this is all true "IMP", then I must ask myself if I do indeed have free will while here on Earth?” Our answer to that would have to be “YES” to a certain degree. We have free will in that we are throughout our life cycles, continually faced with choices. At times we will make certain choices intuitively and they will be in total alignment with our original soul contract, or in other words the desired experiences we wish to live through this life cycle. Sometimes we will deviate from the original plan and this is where the back up plans come in. Certain members of your soul family, or soul groups will be around to offer assistance and guidance helping you find your balance again. Why do we use the term balance? Because so many are not aware of the original contracts or even the purpose of being here on earth, we often make choices that are not in alignment with our original soul desires or another word you might recognize is our blueprints. This does create an imbalance and often leads to illnesses, lack of energy, depression etc.

  It is important at this point to make a clear statement that our souls are never in judgment of our choices. It is us in our human form that because of the distortion through ego will choose to judge. Our soul groups, family, mates are, certainly those on this side of the veil also following a pre-agreed contract.

 Perhaps it is also important right now to define the word contract. It is not like a contract that one might make here on this Earth plane. On a soul level you will never be sued for different (“different” may be translated as wrong) choices, nor will you be judged or called to answer for any of the choices you make. Any and all choices you make while here on this Earth plane are always seen as experiences, which often times may well have proven to enhance the souls original contract because of the experience.

  At this point we would like to share some examples of how a soul contract might develop while on the Earth plane.

 Recently a young man contacted us, he and his wife were clearly confused and distraught. They had just experienced a miscarriage. There are of course many reasons why a soul would decide at some point not to live out the term of pregnancy. Imagine with us for a moment that in the original contract of the two parents they had agreed to be abusive towards each other. Imagine again with us that at the moment of discovering a pregnancy both partners enter an agreement with each other that all abuse would cease and desist for the sake of the new born. The newly entering soul had as a specific desire to experience and grow from the abusive experience. It would feel the sincerity of the new agreement the parents had made and would choose to seek other parents whereby it would be able to fulfill the desired experience. Often times this would result in a miscarriage by the originally intended parents.

 Another example of this type of contract was shared with us by another friend. After discovering that she was pregnant with a child that she could ill afford to have during her circumstances as they were at the time. Being aware that she could contact this new soul entering into her body, she connected with it, discussed the options and mutually decided that it was not in her best interest to continue with the pregnancy. They therefore both mutually agreed to terminate the contract and a miscarriage followed as a result. Imagine more people being aware that this is possible? We would no longer have the conflicts in human emotions around abortion. It could all be taken care of on a soul level.

In my own personal experiences, I had contracted to become spiritually aware at a certain stage in my life. With my soul family, mates, group, I had set up certain potentials/possibilities. My awakening was originally set up to kick in after the death of a very close and dearly beloved friend. Although that pained me greatly, it had not had the desired result. The next stage, or back up plan if you will was to lose another being that was extremely close to me. This too failed to create the desired result of awakening. It was not until I experienced the loss of my own daughter that I had been affected to such an extent that I did start to ask questions such as “Why me?”. Obviously this has led me to where I am now and I am now fulfilling my desired contract here on this earth plane during this life cycle. Does this mean that everything is now plain sailing? I would have to answer that question with a “no”.  There are many reasons for that too, suffice to say that I am still often, through experiences within the physical, mental and emotional body not quite seeing the full soul contract or purpose for my being here. Much of it has been revealed and I am following to a largely accurate degree the contract, yet while in the human form there are always going to be issues around the ego that desires to lead us astray. I always attempt not to judge these experiences because of the knowledge I now have, but I am still human and I am still functioning from behind a veil, so now and then I do deviate from the original plan.

 In this current moment within my own journey I am blessed to have met my Twin Flame and have agreed “for my part” to enter into a “Sacred relationship”. I have pledged her my truth at all times. At times this creates imbalances within the relationship. Having said that, I also know that when these obstacles to our mutual growth are there, an answer, tool or method of moving beyond or working with these blockages until such a time that they are no longer blockages are always provided. This too was planted in our blueprints or divine contract if you will, ensuring us the success ultimately desired. It is quite possible that even these blockages were imprinted into our blueprint/contract so that we could grow in insight and wisdom from these experiences. The Twin Flames have a very special purpose and task on this earth plane and we do know that it is essential to always be in truth. At any time we are not, those present or around us will know and feel this. This of course would damage any teaching or sharing capacity that we would have and I am of the firm belief that this is not what we desired when making the original contract together. So as we grow and expand from these experiences we trust, know and understand where they are taking us and why. This in its self alleviates the need for judgment from either of us as we see what is happening between us. Sometimes it takes us a little time to get there, but we inevitably always do.

  Because in the beginning of this article we also mentioned soul groups, we will share with you something that is becoming very visible to so many around the planet in these wonderful and magical times. Many of us are now stepping into our fullest potential and are because of this drawing others to us that agreed to assist. We are finding and reconnecting with many individuals from all corners of the planet. We are reconnecting, we are ending the illusion of separation. We are working together for a common goal. The common goal being the ascension of all beings present on the planet earth at this time. Assisting to see through the illusion of fear, ego, personality etc. We ARE returning to oneness together. We are returning to the fullest state of LOVE in oneness as one heart beating/being. Heaven on earth is being created by all of us in this now moment. Congratulations one and all.

 It is our sincerest desire that you have been able to feel while reading this article that there is no judgment of self or others. They are simply facts as we understand them in our now moment. Could these change as we continue to expand and grow through many more experiences? It is quite possible. We are not yet all knowing. This is why we ask at all times that you feel from our articles what is of assistance to you in your NOW moment and simply discard the rest or lay it to rest until such a time that it might resonate more closely with you. We thank you for being willing to read our experiences with all that we are - I AM.

Much Love, insights and Many Blessings,
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